Actual history of baseball from its creation until today

A Look at the History of Baseball, The Most Exciting Sport in the USA

Among the different sports played by the American population, baseball has remained as the only one that stirs the adrenaline and packs the stadiums. The sport is popular among millions of Americans, where many begin to play it right from their childhood and thus earning it the name “the national pastime.”

The history of baseball dates back to the late 1800s when it was played as a humble game on sandlots. It has however gone through a lot of changes thus making it an entertaining sport where great mental judgment and skills are employed. The beauty of baseball is derived from different aspects ranging from beautiful cheerleaders to amazing scoring and record-keeping and many appreciate that it is hard to have baseball without keeping such records.

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The inauguration of professional baseball league

The first professional league in baseball was born in 1871. This saw major cities embrace and start their own professional baseball leagues in the eastern part of the US. There were two leagues by then namely the America and the National. Teams would play against each other within their leagues during the regular seasons and the team with more victories than the others within the league was recognized as having won the pennant. The two teams that won pennant in these two different league levels would later on meet at the end of these regular seasons in a competition dubbed as the World Series.

During the World Series, the two teams would play seven games against each other and the team that won at least four out of the possible seven games would be crowned as the champions for that particular year. This arrangement is still in place today despite the fact that the leagues have been sub-divided and pennants are picked through post-season playoff competitions pitting the winners of each league division against each other.

History Of Baseball

Growth of baseball geographically

It wasn’t until 1950s when western cities of the US started embracing baseball and establishing their own teams. This was done by either forming “expansion teams” where players from the already established teams would be made available to play for teams in the western region or by luring established teams from the eastern cities. Players were owned by the baseball team owners until 1970s when rules were changed to make players free thus making it possible for them to play professionally for teams of their choice. This has seen baseball grow into a multi-billion dollar game with contracts being signed each year as players seek to sell their services to teams of their choice.

The place of Yankees in history of baseball

It is hard to look at the history of baseball without mention the New York Yankees. The team has contributed immensely to the growth of baseball since the time it was led by Babe Ruth. Between 1895 and 1948, the team rose to fame when they participated in different World Series competitions winning several titles in the process. The Yankees have grown to become a dominant team in baseball in addition to producing some of the best players in the history of baseball.

To date, baseball has become a professional sport in different countries including Cuba, Japan and many Caribbean countries. It is therefore not surprising to note that a team like the New York Yankees has a net worth of $2.5 billion making it the most valuable team in the

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